• By the start of 2020, we had trained 105,000 teachers in Nigeria alone, potentially reaching 8,150,000 children and 4,831 officials

  • We build institutional capacity through training and supporting government education officials

  • Our approach focuses on training, monitoring and mentoring teachers to enable high quality literacy teaching

  • We partner with leading educational publisher Jolly Learning

  • We provide consultancy services to governments, donors and NGOs across the world

Our vision is of a world where all children can read and write

Universal Learning Solutions is a not-for-profit organisation that works with government, educators, donors and experts around the world to provide bespoke services that deliver innovative literacy solutions.

Our work enables and enthuses teachers to deliver high quality literacy tuition and builds the institutional capacity of partners through knowledge and skills transfer. This gives children of all abilities the skills needed to read and write and helps governments meet their global education targets.