Government Schools

We partner with Jolly Futures, the philanthropic arm of the Jolly Phonics publishers, to implement literacy programmes in government schools in many low-income countries across the developing world.

Pilot study

During the pilot, one Primary 1 teacher and the Head Teacher are trained in using Jolly Phonics from six pilot schools. The schools are provided with a teacher’s guide, pupil books for Primary 1 and a Jolly Phonics Starter Kit. We work with local academic teams and local government education officials to assess the impact of the Jolly Phonics approach, compared to control schools, using a standardised reading test and these results are then analysed and reported to government.

Full roll-out

At this stage we work with governments and implementing partners to roll-out Jolly Phonics to all Primary 1 and 2 pupils. In year 1, all Primary 1 teachers and Head Teachers are trained and in year 2 of the project, all Primary 2 teachers are trained with the programme continuing in Primary 1. In addition to the pupil and teacher books, contextually appropriate additional materials such as display materials, schemes of work and multimedia resources make this programme fun and engaging for pupils. We work tirelessly with government officials and selected academics to create, train and implement a robust monitoring, research and mentoring programme that provides vital support to the trained teachers.

Ensuring Sustainability

Universal Learning Solutions works with the government to offer free or cheap license to re-produce materials. Universal Learning Solutions further adapts the materials to local content and builds local capacity with the intention of enabling and equipping local governments and educationalists to continue the work started.