Matthew Johnson  BA (Hons) PGCE

Matthew Johnson BA (Hons) PGCE

Project Manager

Matthew is a qualified teacher, with a wealth of professional experience both in and out of schools. Having first entered the classroom as a volunteer before training in primary education, he quickly became committed to the development of global language, communication and literacy, which has brought him to work at ULS. He has been a practitioner in primary education for over 5 years, working with children from across Africa, Asia and Europe, in Manchester. During this time he was involved in lesson studies, projects and training developing a wide range of creative study programmes and teaching strategies for both numeracy and literacy, particularly to support English as Additional Language (EAL) learners.

At Universal Learning Solutions, Matthew is working to develop educational materials and learning resources, as well as supporting pilot studies and programme development. Matthew believes he has a passion for teaching, learning and discovery in his blood as his family are all educators. Matthew is strongly committed to the values of family and community, which are values he shares Universal Learning Solutions.

Matthew strongly believes a good society is one which puts education at the top of its priorities.