Universal Learning Solutions’ Rapid Response to School Closures Due to Covid-19: Nigerians Educate Everywhere at a Distance (NEED) Free Smartphone Applications

Nigerians Educate Everywhere at a Distance (NEED)

In response to the school closures due to Covid-19, Universal Learning Solutions is acting fast to ensure that children at home across Nigeria are still learning. We will be looking to expand the use of some existing tools and resources, and also to develop more guidance and content for parents and children alike. We aim to use a variety of mediums to reach homes, including websites, WhatsApp groups, batch SMS messages, radio shows, TV shows, free smartphone applications and more. The links to the documents below provide more information on the various strategies and tools that we will be promoting.

We are also working on providing similar distance learning programmes too across Kenya and South Africa and will announce the details soon.

Details for donors and funders can be found here:

NEED Leaflet Funders-NIGERIA


Details for Governments can be found here:

NEED Leaflet Government-NIGERIA

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