Nigerians Educate Everywhere at Distance (NEED) Project in Sokoto

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Learning Solutions in partnership with Sokoto Global Partnership for Education (GPE) / Nigeria Partnership for Education Project (NIPEP) have seized this moment to pilot an innovative new model to educate children in their homes, through community-based activities, which comply with strict COVID-19 safety guidelines and best practices.

Below you can see a selection of photos showing activities which have already commenced in earnest. Twenty families in 12 Local Government Education Areas (LGEAs) are participating in the pilot programme. Each of these families will benefit from direct support and mentoring delivered by specially trained Home Support Teachers.

The learning is already underway with the distribution of 240 printed Home Learning Packs to the pilot households. Each pack includes COVID safety stories for children, Jolly Phonics letter sounds and word posters, and essential materials for the children such as pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. Home Support Teachers will support communities by cluster teaching in small groups of up to 10 children.

Crucial follow-up support to parents and carers will enable them to use their Home Learning Pack to continue the children’s learning at home and to access TV content and the Jolly Phonics radio show.

The project is being evaluated using parent interviews as well as collecting pupil word reading data from participating homes.



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