Our Approach

A Simple Philosophy

We adhere to the simple view of reading, which proposes that two key factors lead to reading fluency: word reading and comprehension. With this in mind, we give teachers the skills to teach word-reading using systematic phonics taught through story, songs and actions. We also offer a variety of services that encourage exploration of language, speaking and listening skills, and storytelling skills which are vital for reading comprehension.

How We Do It

Our close links with UK literacy experts and leading publishers enable us to draw on a variety of approaches that are unique to those that we serve.

Our talented bank of trainers from around the world continually update their skills, and always embrace every new training opportunity. As well as offering training in synthetic phonics and storytelling, we also deliver training in Early Grade Reading Assessment, a tool which enables teachers to discover the reading needs of their pupils. This tool can further enable our service users to discover the gaps in teachers’ approach to teaching reading and writing so that the appropriate solution can be found.

Imo training
Training teachers in Imo State, Nigeria

Our Model

Our approach to implementing literacy interventions is based on a four stage model as shown below. All trained teachers are provided with intensive monitoring and mentoring support in order to maximise the effectiveness of the project and enable evidence of impact to be generated.

Additionally the institutional capacity of government and other partners is built at all stages of the project through knowledge and skills transfer.

Needs Assessment arrow Pilot study arrow Full roll-out arrow Ensuring sustainability
Assessment of the requirements of teachers and children through discussion with government academics and teachers New intervention is piloted in 6 government schools over one school year and the impact evaluated Based on the results of the pilot study, new intervention is rolled-out across all government primary schools ULS works with the government to offer free or cheap license to re-produce materials. ULS further adapts the materials to local content

Our offer

Current Offers

Through collaborating with leading educational publishers, we are able to offer free materials and training to government schools in low-income countries. We believe that, rather than developing new materials ourselves, it is more effective to identify tried and tested programmes and offer these to government and private schools.

The Offer

Jolly Futures Logo FINALThrough our partnership with Jolly Learning Ltd, we have recently launched the Jolly Futures project, which aims to transform the literacy levels of 9 million children by 2020. Thanks to this exciting project’s philanthropic offer, Universal Learning Solutions can provide:

  • Free Jolly Phonics Black and White Pupil Books 1 and 2 for an entire cohort of government Primary 1 pupils
  • Free Jolly Phonics Black and White Teacher’s Book for every Primary 1 and 2 teacher, head teacher and trained official
  • Free training for Primary 1 and head teachers – trainers’ fees and transport.
  • Free licence to use Jolly Phonics DVD on TV
  • Free licence to print the Jolly Phonics materials when the donations have all been used

We only charge for on-going monitoring, support and evaluation of the projects. This financial model allows Universal Learning Solutions to be financially sustainable and continue to help more children to read and write.

 Additional Offers

We are also able to offer free pilot studies in the following programmes: